Enforces New Calendar to Help the San Diego Community!

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The Enforcer players will be signing their Men’s calendar and raising money for UCP San Diego at Jimmy O’s. Enforcer players will be there meeting fans!

Jimmy O’s Sportsbar

225 W 15th St Del Mar CA

(858) 350-3735

Photo Credit: UCPSD, San Diego Enforcers


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San Diego Enforcers football Season is starting back up already! They are playing for United Cerebral Palsy again and we are going for another Championship Season because 1 IS NOT ENOUGH!! The First game is Saturday March 2nd at San Diego High School at 5:00pm and Eve Selis will sing the National Anthem at the March 2nd Opener.

Tickets to Enforcers games are $5. Check out the website at http://www.sandiegoenforcers.com

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith












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